Treatment of Urethral Stricture in Pune

The Urethral Stricture Treatment is narrowing of the urethra by scarring, which is functionally has the effect of obstructing the lower urinary tract. The effect of this blockage can consumedly disable the patient’s quality of life by causing ureases disturbances; they can also damage the whole urinary tract, resulting in loss of renal function. It is therefore essential that Urethral Strictures Treatment in Pune, which can any age and it may be in men or women (mostly in women), are recognized early and be treated. The practice in industrial countries is estimated level of 0.9 %.

The Stricture is a diversion of the urethra by scarring .In men, the corpus spongiosum in which the urethra is embedded and it also involved in scarring. This spongy fibrosis is a sentiment to various external irritants and can lead to complete replacement of spongy tissue by scar tissue.

This disease entity is a clinically relevant problem in patients with a urological medical history, The development of Urethral Stricture may be related to end urological diagnostic procedures and treatments.

All strictures which cause can be identified are acquired. The large band (45%) is iatrogenic and result from urethral manipulations (traumatic indwelling catheter, transurethral interventions, correction of hypospadias, prostatectomy, brachytherapy).

For example, the Treatment of Urethral Stricture in Pune after transurethral prostate resection (the common prostate intervention) is 3% to 5%. Another cause of urethral stricture is traumatic urethral rupture associated with pelvic fracture. Bacterial urethritis can also lead to stricture (around 20% of cases); basically these are cases of untreated gonorrhoea. Another caustic disease associated with urethral stricture is banalities, a concentrated caustic disease whose exact aetiology is unknown.

Around 30% Treatment of Urethral Strictures are idiopathic. In these cases the most likely trigger is considered to be some forgotten minor trauma that occurred a long time in the past ex: - peritoneal injury while riding a bicycle.